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Years of family tradition - wrapped in a modern shell. This is the Baxter Hotel in Visp.

Emma and Otto Aufdenblatten are the founders of a successful hotel and restaurant family in Zermatt. Otto was a master baker, Emma a former employee of the Walliserkanne Zermatt. The Walliserkanne was bought by the couple and quickly became a meeting place for international and local guests, including kings and heads of state. Emma and Otto thus laid the foundations for the hotel and restaurant businesses of the entire Aufdenblatten family. This included the "Mont Cervin" (French for Matterhorn) hotel in Visp, which the couple's daughter Madeleine was able to take over and build up with a lot of heart and love. Her son Otto has been able to develop the business as a hotel under the name "Visperhof" over the past decades.

Changing the name from "Visperhof" to "BAXTER" in 2021, the Imboden-Aufdenblatten family is going back to their roots. BAXTER means BAKER in Northern English and is a tribute to the first generation Otto and Emma, the origin of the family in the heart of Zermatt.